Monarch plank floors

Versatile Use Of Planks

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Planks are generally made of wood, not so? Planks are mostly used to build walls and provide platforms for flooring installations. Monarch plank floors are versatile. It can be used industriously, in more ways than one.

On the one hand, there is more than enough strength in the wood to provide a flooring surface for an industrial workshop. Of course, the busy industrialist would need to be a tad more careful when giving due consideration to providing his workspace with a little more sparkle. It will depend on the kind of business he runs. If he is going to be working with ink, note that it could be hell to clean those floors.

Monarch plank floors

Not such a good idea then. But perfect for the carpenter’s workshop. Even better for the photographic studio. The wood adds a little more style and panache to compliment the theme of producing art for art’s sake, doesn’t matter if its commercial or in response to a privately funded project.

Monarch plank floors will be perfect for the home or country cabin. How many styles and colors you choose to utilize is entirely up to you. Of course, you do not really want to go overboard. Rustic is good for a sleek, modern urban city grit. Smooth and polished adds elegance and serenity to the home nested snugly in a typically quiet and peace-loving suburban neighborhood. Planks can be used to build banisters for your stairs.

It can be used for building an attic space, or the kids’ treehouse outside. A new back porch maybe? This will add gravitas for providing your home with still more of that out in the country feeling. You can use the wood planks to put more shelves in if you’re a bookworm or a busy office keeper.