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There Is An Alternative To The Throwaway Culture

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There are a few big ticket items in our lives; houses and cars are obvious ones. But when it comes to furnishing houses the combined effect is a big ticket. Our reactions to furniture have changed over time.

In Medieval times it was common for people to bequeath furniture to the next generations because of its inherent value. Shakespeare left his “second best bed” to his wife, for example. This begs the questions of who got the first best bed and why he had two or probably more if he could rate them.

Nowadays we are used to furniture that we can put together with an Allen key which is made of chipboard with a veneer over the top. It looks great for the first couple of years but thereafter we tend to recycle and be done with it.

furniture refurbishment cheyenne

Of course furniture is subject to fashion but, if you’re lucky enough to have some really good pieces which belonged to your parents or grandparents you might consider furniture refurbishment cheyenne as an alternative to replacement.

There are a lot of options when it comes down to what refurbishment can mean. In some cases, you literally take the piece down to its skeleton and rebuild from there. In others, you elect to replace worn materials or simply refinish the woodwork. There are usually options for every budget – but the key is to work with someone who actually understands the value of the original.

As a parting comment, your heirloom furniture is made of the earth’s natural resources, hopefully, renewable ones. Bringing these pieces back to their original beauty is about the greenest thing you can do for the environment. There’s a lot of reasons to consider not buying from a mass merchandiser after all.